Sleep Mentoring

Good quality sleep is the foundation upon which all other aspects of your health and wellbeing are built upon, and yet sleep deprivation remains one of the most common contributing factors in many mental and physical ailments.   Sleep deficit or 'Sleep debt' accumulates over time, and can lead to mental and physical fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, increased risk of stroke, heart disease and lowered immune system, and even obesity and diabetes. 

And it's not just our own health that we need to consider when thinking about the impact that sleep debt and sleep deprivation has within our communities:

It's simple, examining and addressing your sleeping patterns can have positive effect on all areas of your life. 

Sleep mentoring sessions for private clients and group classes and workshops for organisations and employers are empowering people into gaining and maintaining a healthier relationship with sleep.  The integrated and holistic approach takes into consideration all aspects of an indiciduals life

20% of road deaths are related to fatigue caused by sleep deprivation
£40.2 billion a year is the cost to the UK economy due to sleep issues
An additional 6 days off work is taken by those who sleep less than 6 hours a night, compared to those who sleep 7-9 hours

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